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Storage, be it for things that rarely see the light of day or for more frequently used stuff, is an important element of a house. Even large wardrobes, if they are considerately built, rarely intrude as much as one might initially fear. What is lost in floor area is more than compensated for by the advantage of having a large, organised space designed specifically for your needs.

Pretty much any arrangement can be devised within the wardrobe to include full length and half length hanging rails, shelves and even drawers.

Most of the wardrobes I build are made from sheets of MDF which enables the creation of broad flat elegant surfaces that are ideal for painting, lacquering or sealing with an oil. I can do this or leave for you to finish in your own time. In no time the wardrobe will almost disappear into the room.

We can design the position of the all important, hangars and shelves together, and these can also be installed so you can easily adjust them long after I've gone.

It is true that drawers add a little bit to the cost but then again they help protect jumpers from the not uncommon fate of a life lived unused behind a pile of trousers until they are no longer fashionable.

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