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Deciding on a kitchen design can seem like a daunting prospect but I will always be on hand to guide you through the process.

It is important to establish how the space is going to be used. Whether you are a confident cook, a ready meal enthusiast or have a family to cater for, creating an environment tailored to how you actually live your life is what it is all about.

I began by fitting flat pack kitchens but as I gained more experience I decided that there was a better way of doing it. I now make everything myself. This has the advantage of greater flexibility in the design, a higher quality finish and, most importantly, a look and feel that is different from factory produced units.

In many cases this doesn't have to mean a greater expense than most mid range kitchens on the market.

Buying a kitchen is like buying a car. The first thing you have to do is decide how much you want to spend. The second thing is to get the most out of that budget.

The more kitchens I have built the more I have learnt about how to do that.

My favourite rule is 'buy a good quality tap'. You are, after all, going to use it many thousands of times.

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