Francis Darbishire
84 Lordship Lane
London SE22 8HF

An e-mail enquiry is always welcome but the easiest first step is to have a chat on the phone ( 07990 518 887 ). This gives me the chance to answer any specific questions you might have or, alternatively, for you to vaguely describe the kind of thing you're after because you just wondered what it would cost.

After that I usually arrange to visit so that we can talk a little more about what you want. It also gives me a chance to make some suggestions and to measure up.

If it is a relatively straightforward job I can probably give you a price there and then. If I need to think about it I will email you a quote within a few days.

Once all that is done I leave it in your hands. I don't chase up quotes or make any attempt to persuade you to proceed. If you want to take it further that is up to you.

A quick note about payment, should it come to that. I do all transactions electronically these days. The usual arrangement is for an advance to cover materials and the balance on completion. However, if it is a fairly small job I tend to leave payment until the end.

Thanks for looking at my site, I hope that it has been of use.

Please feel free to phone or email at anytime.

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